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The aim of the Irish Judo association is to promote the participation in Judo, in a safe and constructive environment, enabling each participant to achieve their full potential in their selected area of activity within the organisation.


Crunching the Numbers - Yearly Stats


The yearly stats for 2015 have been completed. Well done to all club coaches/chairs for maintaining standards of compliance, it will be a key driver for all sports bodies in the coming years ahead:


STATS FOR 2015 Irish Judo Association


CLUBS: 44 (Universities 4 - 2 Dublin 1 Galway 1 Cork)


1 Connaught (7) Members 289

2 Leinster (17) Members 706

3 Munster (10) Members 368

4 Ulster (10) Members 606


Minors 542 Female 144 Male 398

Cadets 953 Female 255 Male 698

Juniors 64 Female 16 Male 48

Seniors 344 Female 35 Male 309

Students 66 Female 22 Male 44


Total 1969



Under 16 1495 (76%)

Over 16 474 (24%)



472 – Female

1487 – Male

24% Female / 76% Male




1. Yamakwai Judo Club

2. Renbukan Judo Club

3. Paul Cummins School of Judo

4. Oranmore Judo Club

5. Kodokan Ireland

National Squad Training - Weekly Wednesdays

Weekly Wednesday National Squad Open Training

Just a reminder to all coaches, weekly National Squad Open Training takes place every Wednesday night 7pm - 9pm in Swords Judo Club.

Cadet, Junior & Senior - Open to all players

Mat fee is €5 per person.
This is a weekly open squad training session which is separate to the National Squad Training contained in the NSP 2013- 2016. We understand that players may not be able to attend on a regular basis from around the country and therefore this is not a compulsory training for selection to the National Squad, however, all last year pre-cadet, cadet, junior & senior judoka who wish to represent Ireland as part of the national team who are resident or are members of a club within a 100 kilometre radius of Swords Judo Club must attend Wednesday night National Squad Training at Swords Judo Club on a regular basis. Last year pre-cadets must attend as this year before becoming a cadet as this will form a vital part of their judo progression. The weekly programme is available so that there is continuous technical time with those athletes who can attend.
This training is not funded by the National Squad Budget and in this regard we are grateful with the help shown by Swords Judo Club.
IJA licence 2016 must be valid, No Licence, No Insurance, No Judo

Calendar of Events 2016


The Calendar of Events for 2016 has been issued for January - December 2016, as events come to light, additional information will be updated as received.

If any club would like to add events in, please contact the judo office on 016251104.

Calendar of Events 5th September 2016


AGM Reports 2016

Following on from AGM 1st May 2016

AGM Reports 2016 now available

please see AGM Reports 2016 for further details

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